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Futura City Beijing Air & Space Museum, Beijing, China

Architecture and Interiors: Concept and Schematic

CLIENT : Sky Ocean
LOCATION : Beijing, China
TYPE : Mixed-Use
SIZE : 462,848sq.ft / 43,000 m2

The Air and Space museum is located at the heart of the Futura City scheme yet detached from the central park and its many amenities. The obvious solution was to devise a footbridge to link the two; but we thought differently – what if the building itself could become a bridge?

We started with rough sketches to establish the footprint in the available space and this evolved into drawing a continuous form that wraps around itself. Inside, the large central lobby houses a pair of escalators that transport the visitor up through the focal LED sphere on a journey of discovery and space. Visitors can then take their time meandering down cantilevered ramps exploring the exhibit. Externally, the LED sphere acts as an environmental lighting sculpture whilst internally it is one large immersive projection environment.

Also included in the building are two levels of flexible exhibition space and an enormous, soaring ride attraction within another projection dome offering all visitors the opportunity to experience the wonder of flight and space travel.